Physical Education

Welcome to Tequesta Trace Middle School Physical education. I look forward to a great 2018-19 school year.

It is very important that all young children exercise daily. In our class, students have a choice each day of an activity to participate in:

  • flag football
  • soccer
  • kickball
  • team handball
  • newcombe (similar to volleyball)
  • basketball
  • 4 square

If they do not want to participate in any of the activities listed, they are required to walk around our track for 20 minutes. Once they have walked for the required time, they have fulfilled activity requirement for the day.

Please make sure that your child comes to school each day with proper clothing for Physical Education. This includes a Tequesta Trace Physical Education shirt, gym shorts and athletic shoes. Also, it is strongly suggested that your child bring a water bottle with them each day as it gets very hot outside.

Grading in Physical Education is based on dressing out and participating daily. Each student is given 25 points a week. If your child does not dress out properly, they are not allowed to participate. Students will lose 5 points for each day they do not dress out properly. Unexcused Tardy results in loss of 2 points.. THESE POINTS CANNOT BE REGAINED. If the student dresses out but does not participate, they lose 2 points.

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Lock and Locker Room Directions

Each student at Tequesta Trace has an assigned locker for the year and we provide them with a lock to secure their items. The small locker they are assigned is for them for the year, nobody else will use this locker. THE BIG LOCKER SHOULD BE USED ONLY DURING THE CLASS PERIOD ONLY AND IS USED BY ANOTHER PERSON EACH CLASS PERIOD. At the end of the period, your child needs to make sure that their items are in the small locker and that it is locked up.

Directions to open locks